This blog is a place to share some of the odd, rare, and unusual treasures I’ve collected over the years. Things that are very dear to me but seem to be hard to find and obscure. My hope is that they will bring you a little smile!

Please feel free to include any of these items on your site. They are here to share because I haven’t been able to find them anywhere else.



Here are some things I would love to know more about! If you are lucky enough to have these, I am looking to purchase these, or would simply love to know more about them:

Karel the Robot software for Apple II or Commodore. I used this in high school, and would like to revisit it.

Crestwood House Monster Series cassettes – I’ve shared my Dracula cassette on this blog, but I’ve never found any other cassettes anywhere. If you are willing to share yours, I will lovingly transfer them to CD and return them to you, and if you allow it I would like to post them on my site.

– Anything related to The Voyage of the Mimi:

  • I am in need of the Apple teacher’s guide and probes for Whales and Their Environment with The Bank Street Laboratory.
  • I would be interested in any Mimi software, manuals or lab hardware for Commodore, if they exist! I am fairly certain I saw Commodore versions listed in a catalog which I’ve long since lost, but I’ve never actually seen mention of it elsewhere…
  • I would love to know what the special features are on a few specific episodes on the Laserdiscs, as my player won’t access several of them for some reason.
  • Anything related that you might be looking to share or sell would be of interest to me, even if I might already have it!

Teaching and Computers Magazine and Books – Published by Scholastic, Teaching & Computers Magazine contained innovative educational type-in programs in BASIC and Logo. If anyone has these, or access to them at a library, I would be most appreciative and willing to pay for originals, copies or scans to complete my collection!

– My ComputerEyes Doodle driver disk is corrupted, and I’d like to add this disk to my site.


Visit Michael and Lacey’s other sites!

The Toy Shop – 20 Marvelous Mechanical Models That Really Work! – Twenty paper models and automata that you can decorate and print, from the original Commodore 64 program! Also a Snooper Troops SnoopMobile model can be found here!


Paper Models – The Christmas Kit – More paper modeling with old computers! A Dickens Christmas Village, A Holiday Locomotive, creative ornaments and gift packaging!

Halloween 2007 – The Headless Horseman comes to visit!

Halloween 2008 – The Monster Motel opens for business!


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