Crestwood House Monsters – Creepy 80s Goodness!

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Dracula Cover

Crestwood House Monsters Series – Dracula Cassette

80s kids will fondly recall a great series of books from Crestwood House called the Monster Series. The series was written by Julian May using her pen name of Ian Thorne, and each book was dedicated to a different movie monster. There were a few different incarnations and similar series throughout the late 70s and 80s, with day-glo colors, as well as two posters, a bookmark, and six read-along cassette tapes. The series began with six titles and grew to at least 15 before disappearing into nostalgia. I highly recommend reading more about them here at Rue Morgue. (Older articles seem to be gone from their site…)


I was lucky enough to have the Dracula cassette as a kid, and I’ve never seen these cassette tapes in the wild, so I imported it to my computer to share below!

If you have any of these cassettes and would be willing to have them digitally preserved, please let me know in the comments!

Dracula Cassette-sm

Click here for -> Crestwood House Dracula Cassette

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