ComputerEyes – Image Scanning with the Commodore 64

nan-computereyes - Sample image included with system software. Very nice, but I doubt the device can actually approach this quality.

 ComputerEyes sample image

androidsnrobots.jpg        meeshelle.jpg

Click  above to see larger scan image

ComputerEyes by Digital Solutions:

I’ve never found these disks anywhere online, and this could be useful to someone who has the ComputerEyes unit but no software. Here are the disks of various drivers in D64 format. In my opinion, the GEOS CE Driver results in the best quality image, but it’s really not very intuitive to use and requires much tweaking before a good result is found. For quick and easy scans, just use the master disk. Once you’ve figured out how to get these disk images onto a real floppy, it’s easy to transfer your scanned image back to a .D64 image and open it on your PC or Mac. Included are: CE System Software, Source Code, Drivers for Print Shop and GEOS, as well as the complete text of the manual. (My ComputerEyes Doodle driver disk is damaged; if anyone has a working copy, please contact me!)

Click Here for-> ComputerEyes Manual and System Software for Commodore 64

The first image above is a sample images that came with the ComputerEyes software. It’s very nice, but I sort of doubt the CE device can really approach this quality. The other two images were made with ComputerEyes, GEOS and a video camera, see if you can recognize the droids and robots! They are action figures sitting behind my Commodore 128. The photo of the girl was scanned from a photo, but you should be able to get a good scan if your subject is still for maybe 60 seconds.

Please feel free to include any of these items on your site. They are here to share because I haven’t been able to find them anywhere else.


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