Star Wars Audio Oddities

Years ago the Star Wars fan club put out a fanzine called Bantha Tracks. Issue 34 came as a small glossy folder containing a little clear plastic record. Remember those small square records that came in magazines, books, and cereal boxes, and you had to put pennies on them to keep them from slipping? It’s one of those, and surprisingly I kept it in pretty good shape.

This record is like a short tour of Sprocket Systems, which I believe became Skywalker Sound or THX, or both. There are brief interviews with key people at Sprocket, including sound designer Ben Burtt (the voice of R2D2 and Wall-E.) My favorite segment is when they explain how the lightsaber sound was created. The record is only six minutes long, but it’s a fun, odd bit of Star Wars history many people don’t know about. Enjoy!

Click here for -> Sprocket Systems – Distinctive By Design


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Star Wars – Rebel Mission to Ord Mantell

This wonderful LP has Mark Hamill reprising his role as Luke. The rest of the cast are really enjoyable, and the sound design is great. I believe this audio play was put together by the same people who did the excellent Star Wars radio adaptations. And it contains some really great background music (which was also used other story-tapes like Gummi Bears.) This recording is from a record, so it has the ticks inherent in records, but no scratches that I recall.

Click here for -> Rebel Mission to Ord Mantell

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